Simple and effective ways to stay healthy and Help Out

It’s the 21st century! Some people may even say that we live in the Age of Aquarius. Whatever age we may be, it’s sad to know that people still succumb to diseases and humanity still hasn’t won the battle versus bugs, ills, and plagues. There are still shortages, disasters, and other losses. The sad thing is many of these are preventable.

What would it take to be victorious against all of the nasties? You might say it’s impossible to get rid of all problems, but what if we could?

Anything short of what you want….
Is or will be anything short of what you are doing now.

First off, we could start with the things we can do on our own. Let’s do our part! Change has to start somewhere. So get in on the act and see where it takes you.

Start by taking stock of what you are, what you have, and what you do.
Look at yourself. Are you happy with what you see? Satisfied?
Yes? If yes, kudos to you! But why? Don’t you think you can improve anymore?
No? Why? Do you need an improvement? Is it something that can be improved upon? Do you want to make that improvement come true? If so work on it! Hell, yeah! Are you just going to wait until change happens to you? I hope not. If you just wait and let things happen to you, you won’t have a say on how things will turn out. By taking control of your life, you can steer it whichever way you like. It’s your life and your decisions take you where you are and will be.

Have a healthy lifestyle! Okay, we need to have that… But how?
Health promotion? Disease prevention?

Health promotion activities:
Environment – internal and external
What’s inside you? What’s outside?
Are you at ease or are you tense?
Do you know why you are?
Your inner self vs. outer self.
Are your actions reflective of what you genuinely want the outside world to have?
Do you like what others behold of you?
Do you love whom you are?
If you’re not happy with your inside, can you be happy with your outside?
Are you happy with your outside, but dying inside?
Strike a balance in your life, with everything you do.
Learn when, where, and how to do things, then ask yourself why you do such things. What’s the point? Can you identify? Can it be better? Will you make it better?

Control your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.
How did you make others feel today? What effect did your actions have on you and your friends?

Diet, Exercise, Hygiene, Clean Living, etc.
Make and take things that nourish and protect you. Avoid doing and taking things that make you otherwise. What’s the cost of your health? Is it just the receipt total of your medical pill bill? No, it’s not. It’s more than the cost of you getting sick. It goes way beyond that. Think of the things you could have enjoyed, the things you’ve missed– time and life well-spent… Think about the others that could’ve missed you, too!

So take your daily dose of good food, good laughs, and maybe just maybe do it in the company that you want to do it in. If you’re not having any of these, ask yourself why and do something about it if you are considering these things to include in your life.

A world without junk!
Think about that! Do you actually need to have that? All of that? Why just a little? Can you live without them? Why not get rid of them if it’s not something useful to you? Why do you keep doing things that just drag you down? Why do you keep things? Are they necessary? You decide what to put on and bring with you. Are they a burden or do they relieve your spirit?

If you don’t need it, junk it. De-clutter. Streamline. Be more, do more, and have more with less. Simplify your life. Why the need to complicate?

Do things with what you have, with what you can, and with what you want to be, wherever and whenever. If you can do better, then go for it! Don’t hesitate! Just do! Stop and turn around. Change course. Do that thing you can do better so you can be better. Why not?! If you’re losing already, then how much more can you afford to lose? Why not try to win for a change? Life is rife with risks, so why bet on a losing proposition? Gambling your life away shouldn’t have to be the story of your existence. Be on your way to a more fulfilling life by starting now. You can start small, slowly, one-at-a-time. It’s okay. Just do it. Any step towards a better life is significant if it’s better than the one you already have. Make it count.

Things can still go wrong. You cannot plan for everything. Being prepared and doing what you can may make you better off than not taking care of yourself. When you care for yourself, you also care for others. Your actions have ripple effects. Be counted as one helping out and not adding to the troubles.

Without preparing at all, you will be more susceptible to the unfortunate things in life. Diseases and other maladies (common or not, real or imagined), tragedies (natural or man-made or both) occur in varying strengths and appear in many different ways. The range and scope of how events will occur may well be beyond the scope of what is known, or what you have prepared for. It’s better having a fighting chance at life. So, have a shot at it! It’s better tasting and enjoying it. So having a devour it with a smile.
Picture what you want to get, have, and be. Put yourself there. The things I’ve laid out above is just a example. Feel free to change it. After all, it’s your life! Have your way with it or it will have you!


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